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Shyam Metalics Marks Its Stringent Fresh Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Shyam Metalics Marks Its Stringent Fresh Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

September 8th, 2020

Shyam Metalics, a Kolkata based metal manufacturing company having interests in the metal value chain of long steel products, Ferro alloys & Aluminum Foil especially known around the country for manufacturing the best TMT bar, has been committed to passionately contribute towards harmonious development of the community and nation.

The company, in accordance with its CSR policy under the major pillars of community development & socio-economic upliftment, has started implementing sustainable social development projects which would include a plethora of socio-economic, educational and health initiatives.

Shyam Metalics is also ensuring that that the underprivileged communities benefit from their CSR activities which are carried out with a focus on rural development, tribal welfare, skill development and child education.

In terms of education, the company is providing quality elementary education, social empowerment among the girls, vocation skills among children, women and elderly which increase the opportunity of employment and special education training courses for backward caste. The company is also working to provide healthcare facility to people in and around the village situated near its manufacturing plants. Striving to achieve the societal vision of Chairman Shri MP Agarwal, Shyam Metalic has successfully established primary health care centres, skill development workshops and child education facilities. Furthermore, the company has been instrumental in the creation of the immunization program with a thirst to polio eradication program to address malnutrition and preventive healthcare by educating on non-communicable diseases in the remotest parts of the country.

Shyam Metalics is also focused on educating the people about the significance of physical fitness and is providing training to promote rural sports, district-level sports and state-level sports and also conducted scholarship program for backward cast and differently-abled athletes. Highlighting the significance of a well-developed infrastructure, the company endeavour to establish essential service which can lead to lead to sustainable development like housing facility, basic infrastructure facility, hygiene and sanitation, safe drinking water and much more.

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