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To hasten its reach to a large populous SHYAM METALICS has decided to start the manufacturing of Aluminium foils, prompted by the growth in consumption and application of Aluminium foils in the National & International Market and diversifying to set up a state-of-the-art Aluminium foil Rolling facility whose major application will be in Packaging.

Aluminium metal can achieve high performance through processing.
Aluminium foil for packaging has considerable economic, environmental and social benefits. Aluminium can be infinitely recycled without quality deterioration.

The major technology partner for the project is M/s Achenbach Gmbh Germany who has longest standing history of excellence for past 400 years in Non-ferrous Rolling of Aluminium & Copper. Innovations made by Achenbach have resulted in gainful economics (down gauging) and Sustainability (Green technology) and is acknowledged globally.

SHYAM METALICS is setting up Aluminium Foil Rolling mill complex to manufacture Quality Products with an annual rolling capacity of 40000 MT per annum with a product mix to cater the requirement of the market related to (Pharmaceuticals / House hold Foil / Contraceptive / FMCG / Electronics / Electricals / Automotive / Dairy / Confectionery /  Flexible Packaging Industries and many other fields.

Aluminium foils Manufacturer India - Shyam Metalics


The manufacturing is being done in such a way that it will require minimum manpower with lowest operational cost & minimum handling of materials by hand to sell the materials at a price which can compete with international suppliers and will be one of the only unit in India with all international facilities.

The key product mix is as follow.

  • Semi Rigid Container Foil
  • Pharmaceutical Foil for strip packing
  • Pharmaceutical Blister pack Foil
  • Lidding Foil
  • House Hold foil
  • Light Gauge Foil.
  • Ultra-light gauge foil.

The group also plans to set up Lithium Ion Battery foils in coming years looking to the potential high demand of the same in energy sector the project is under study and will be implemented soon.


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