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Yoga day celebration

Yoga Day Celebration Across Plants | Embracing Wellness Together

June 21st, 2024

Embracing strength and flexibility, we joyously commemorate the 10th International Yoga Day at our Jamuria plant. The presence of esteemed Directors, our COO, and HODs at Kunustoria, along with the active participation of employees at the New Admin Building, highlights our collective dedication to wellness. Reflecting on this year’s empowering theme of women empowerment, a special Yoga event uplifted local women at Bahadurpur, echoing our commitment to inclusivity and health.

Our celebration extended to the Sambalpur plant. At Jamuria, 130 individuals, comprising Directors, COO, HODs, and employees, immersed themselves in the yoga session, while 45 enthusiastically joined the community yoga event, and 65 engaged in the yoga festivities at Mangalpur. This collective effort not only strengthens our bonds but also honors health and vitality, resonating with the enduring power of steel. Together, let us bend, stretch, and breathe as one, uniting in spirit and honoring health with the enduring power of steel.

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