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Using The Best TMT Bars In West Bengal To Build A House: A Step-By-Step Guide

Using The Best TMT Bars In West Bengal To Build A House: A Step-By-Step Guide

July 22nd, 2021

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.” – Gordon B. Hinckley.

Footings and foundations are to homes what feet and legs are to the human body. Foundation is an elementary part of any given project.

Are you planning to take up a new construction project in West Bengal or build your dream home from scratch? If the answer is in the affirmative, then has it ever occurred to you why some buildings stand tall and strong even in the face of natural disasters?

Mind you, the coastal districts of West Bengal and its capital Kolkata continue to endure the fury of nerve-racking cyclones such as Amphan and Yass, which ravage the flood-prone state mercilessly. Hence the need of the hour is disaster risk reduction.

Consequently, a careful selection of the building materials used to build the foundations, such as stone, treated wood, and top-quality TMT bars, is a prerequisite.

TMT bars are a must-have for stable construction. By using the best TMT bar in West Bengal sourced from the leading TMT bar manufacturers, the foundation will be better equipped to withstand Mother Nature’s wrath owing to its unique qualities like higher strength, fatigue resistance, bendability, and durability.

Hence, allow us to educate you on the home construction process, from digging to obtaining your home keys. Let’s begin right away.

Site preparation: This is the base stage that prepares your block of land to be built on. It involves levelling and excavating, following which you and the builder will outline the location’s floor plan.

Floor Slab: The foundation will be dug, caged, and poured in accordance with your builder’s instructions. Even underground connections such as plumbing, electrical, and stormwater systems will be established at this point. Next, the main concrete slab will be poured.

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Shaping the walls and roof structure: This stage is all about forming the skeleton of your home. At this point, the walls of your house will rise from the slab for the first time. There are several methods of construction available such as timber, brick, concrete, and TMT bars. Remember that you should use fine sand for plasterwork and coarse sand for brickwork and concrete. In addition, the best TMT bar in West Bengal can be used not only in foundations but in columns and beams as well to provide the concrete with the desired tensile strength and make the building stand tall for years to come.

Ceiling: The rooftop will be installed and made waterproof.

External Finishes: If your abode has a solid wall construction such as concrete, block, or brick, you will have to get your exterior walls painted. If you have a lighter external structure, like wood or best quality TMT bar, cladding or insulating the same with wooden planks or grp panels will be your best bet. You also need to verify whether the constructor has used the best TMT bars in West Bengal according to the contract since this will determine the structural strength of the root.

Doors and windows: The windows and doors need to be installed to make the structure watertight and protected.

Rough ins: Plumbers and electricians will install the necessary pipework and electrical wiring but leave them hanging on the wall without connecting them to any live sources, such as switches or power outlets.

Internal finishes: This stage comprises plastering, painting, tiling, and the installation of finished floors.

Wooden work: The carpenters will design the house’s furniture, such as the kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, skirting boards, and door and window borders.

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Fixtures, Fittings, and Equipment (FF&E): Your electrician will return and install the lights, switches, and power outlets. Your plumber, too, will come back and install any faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, and other wet systems.

Handover: After reviewing the property one last time and expressing any concerns you may have, your builder will deliver the keys to you.


If your dream home isn’t built on a firm and robust foundation, it can crumble like a sandcastle. The foundation of a building is what keeps the structure upright and carries the building’s weight.

Therefore, when building a high-rise housing complex, choose ShyamMetalics to provide you with the best TMT bars in West Bengal.

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