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TMT bar price in West Bengal | Shyam Steel Rod Price List

Explore The Price Chart of West Bengal’s TMT Bars

October 23rd, 2020

The TMT bar price in West Bengal is indefinite like the other states. The price of Steel Rod or TMT bars depends on various factors. That is the reason the price is fluctuating, however, over the years the price list of TMT bars remained moderate in West Bengal.

The low-cost labor and transport facilities help in balancing the price even if the price of raw materials is skyrocketing. In such instances, West Bengal has been very favorable for the steel buyers.

Being said that, let us discuss the price range of TMT bars in West Bengal.

What is the TMT Bar Price in West Bengal?

As mentioned before the TMT bar price in West Bengal keeps changing, whereas different companies offer different prices as well. But, before we discuss the price, let’s make one thing clear. When you purchase TMT bars do not look at their price, rather, test the quality of the steel rebars. The price can be high or low, because for many given reasons such as transport, manufacture, raw materials, among others.

All the companies do not have easy access to their products, they have to spend more on transport for delivering the products to the desired locations. There are several other concerns that are directly proportional to the cost of steel TMT bars. Whereas, your prime concern is to make the building strong that can protect the people inside from any natural disaster.

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Now, let us look into the price range of TMT bars in West Bengal.

The Price of Steel TMT Bars

Remember the price also depends on the grade that you choose. Suppose for residential construction you find Fe 500 to be suitable, but its price will not be the same as Fe 415.

You will be able to purchase steel reinforcement bars through two different methods.

  1. Metric Tons of Steel Rebars
    If you are purchasing in metric tons then the price of steel TMT bars will range from Rs. 28,000 to Rs.40,000 per metric ton. This method is used when a huge building is being made, such as apartments, bridges, high-rise buildings, etc.
  2. Kilos of TMT bars
    In kilos, the TMT bar price in West Bengal can vary from Rs. 29 to Rs. 400. This method is followed when residential constructions are done.

So now that you will not buy the most expensive one thinking that is the best quality let us talk about Shyam TMT bar price.

How to purchase SEL rebars?

Why Shyam? Because Shyam or SEL has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of TMT bars to some of the most renowned industry giants. The quality produced in Shyam is undefeated by any other supplier to date.

The Shyam Steel TMT bar price can be determined through their price calculator, which shows the current price of the SEL TMT bars all over India.

The calculator will ask you to input the state then the area you reside in, then allow you to check the price on the website itself. Further, you can also ask for a quote depending on your requirement.

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