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Why You Have To Choose The Best Quality TMT Bar For Your Home?

Why You Have To Choose The Best Quality TMT Bar For Your Home?

June 9th, 2021

India is a country with several earthquake zones. In fact, there are only a few regions in India that fall under the non-earthquake zone. It is needless to mention that the north-east region of India is among the most active area for frequent natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.

Although, there are many buildings that stand strong even during these natural disasters. Have you ever wondered how come those buildings actually are able to do that in face of a natural disaster? Such unmatched strength and stability are only possible when the building is supported by the best quality TMT bars in India from the leading TMT bar manufacturers.

When it comes to constructing homes it is like a lifetime investment. The primary aim while constructing a home is quite common, we aim to build a home that is not just beautiful and comfortable but one that also has a strong foundation and can provide optimum safety and security during any natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.


Build it right. Build it with the best quality TMT bars in India


Superior quality TMT bars is one of those acclaimed construction materials that help construction engineers to build earthquake-resistant structures. The best quality TMT bars in India have the ability to absorb the shocks of an earthquake, thus reducing the destructive impact of the earthquake on the building structure. To know more about this read this blog  –  How TMT Bars Protect Us From Deadly Earthquakes?

The use of the best quality TMT bars in India has been made compulsory in many construction projects across the country, especially those projects which are located in earthquake-prone zones.

Shyam TMT bar is one of the best options for earthquake-resistant structures

It must also be noted that India is a country where floods are quite frequent as well in some regions, especially the north-east regions which face multiple rainy episodes throughout the year. Depending on the intensity of the flood, it can be quite threatening to constructions. The floods can easily damage precious constructions through complete wear-and-tear and corrosion during prolonged exposure to water. But when buildings are constructed with TMT bars, they are safe from such threats. The best quality TMT bars in India have an anti-corrosion coating which prevents the water to get through the walls and the structure.


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Cyclones can also pose a huge threat to construction projects. But when TMT bars are used for construction it gets a better chance at fighting off the damages with unique qualities like higher strength, fatigue resistance and bendability.


Wrapping up

Whether you’re building your own dream home or supervising a fancy multi-million dollar construction project, it is necessary to ensure the optimum safety of the structure by using the best quality TMT bars in India. A strong foundation is key to a solid building structure.

At ShyamMetalics, we define that foundation with our superior quality ‘SEL’ TMT bars. With SEL TMT bars stay a step ahead of natural disasters and gift your home a solid foundation.

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