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Shyam Metalics TMT Bars Protect Us From Deadly Earthquakes

How TMT Bars Protect Us From Deadly Earthquakes?

May 8th, 2021

It is needless to mention that earthquakes are one of the most deadly natural calamities that cause severe damage to urban centres, resulting in the loss of life and damage to homes and various other infrastructure. The shaking from an earthquake can turn loose soil into a liquid during an earthquake, causing the buildings and bridges to collapse. As the buildings vibrate due to the shaking of the ground, high damage can occur if the buildings can’t resist these vibrations.

It is impossible to forget the devastating earthquake that took place in one of India’s neighbouring countries, Nepal on 25th April 2015. It was estimated that over 6 lakh buildings and other infrastructure collapsed and claimed over 9 thousand innocent lives.

This is when the significance of best quality TMT bars came under the limelight. As per many trusted reports and researches, it was concluded that the falling of structural debris was significantly lower on the Indian side as most of the buildings and bridges were constructed using superior quality TMT bars from the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India.

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Today, using the best quality TMT bars are deemed compulsory for many large-scale construction projects especially in those regions which are prone to seismic activities. TMT bars are acclaimed for being highly earthquake-resistant. Ductility and elongation are two of the most crucial properties of TMT bars that helps them to resist the shocks of an earthquake without breaking.

Here are some of the top qualities of TMT bars that make them indispensable for strong and sturdy construction useful for earthquake-prone regions:

  • Ductility – TMT bars are known for their superior ductility. It is the most important quality of TMT bars that supports it during an earthquake. Its unique manufacturing process ensures a high level of flexibility to the structure. TMT bars have a flexible ferrite-pearlite core and a robust martensiteexternal surface which makes them highly flexible.

  • Corrosion-resistance – TMT bars feature anti-corrosion properties and they come with a unique cross-rib formation which ensures that the concrete is always tightly bonded with the TMT bars. High corrosion-resistance property blended with superior bendability, helps the buildings resist the high stress of an earthquake.

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  • Superior strength – TMT bars feature unmatched strength. They are available in various grades of strength and ductility. The grades are – Fe – 415, Fe- 500, Fe- 550 and Fe- 600. Each grade has different properties and applications and therefore it is important to choose the right grade by knowing its application and usage.


If you are looking for the best TMT bars in India, we at ShyamMetalics have got you covered. Our superior quality TMT bars feature perfect combinations of strength and bendability, perfectly suitable for seismic areas.

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