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TMT and TOR Steel – Which one is better

TMT Bars and TOR Steel Bars – Which One is Better?

June 18th, 2021

Steel is one of the most integral and preferred construction materials because of its qualities and ease of maintenance. One of the primary qualities of steel bars is that they are sturdy enough to resist the damage caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and tornadoes.

Though it must be noted that there are different types of steel bars. The kind of steel bars to be used depends on geographical and environmental factors. TOR steel was primarily used till the 1990s but soon TMT bars took over, their superior ductility and other unique properties captured the entire market.

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TMT Bars vs. TOR Steel Bars

Thermo Mechanically Treated or TMT bars are high-strength reinforcement bars that feature a tough outer core and a soft inner core. Known for their superior strength, corrosion resistance and fire-retardant properties, TMT bars are capable of providing better reinforcement to any concrete structure and are ideal for constructing earthquake-resistant structure.

TOR stands for a brand name, Toriseg Steel Corporation of Luxembourg. To put it simply, it is a form of HYSD steel, where the steel bars after undergoing the mandatory heat treatment process, are cold twisted and deformed. During the time period of the nineties, TOR steel was primarily used for reinforcement purposes of the construction massively.

However, the best TMT bars in India from the best TMT bar companies in India are much better than TOR steel, possessing superior unique properties. Below we have listed some of the reasons as to why TOR steel is less preferred and TMT bars are more.

  • Tensile Strength – The best TMT bars in India feature significantly more tensile strength than TOR steel bars. Note that TOR steel would make use of 20% more steel quantity than TMT bars for the same construction. Just for example, if the total steel consumption in a construction project using TMT bars is 250 tons, then using TOR steel for the same project would be 300 tons.

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  • Elongation – As already mentioned TMT bars feature a hard outer layer and soft inner-core core which means using the best TMT bars would make the construction structures strong and flexible and protect them from natural calamities like earthquakes. TOR steel bars are not that great when compared to TMT bars.


  • Durability – The best TMT bars from the leading TMT bar companies in India are highly resistant to corrosion. The manufacturing process of TMT bars ensures anti-corrosion properties and can easily stay exposed to water for a longer period without getting affected in any way. Traditional steel bars like TOR steel bars do not anti-corrosive properties like TMT bars and hence remain vulnerable to rusting.


  • Fire-resistant – TOR steel contains low thermal resistant capability. On the other hand, the best TMT bars are highly thermal/fire resistant and can absorb heat up to massive 600 degree Celsius. Using TMT bars for construction makes your building highly fire-resistant.



The above points clearly illustrate the difference between TMT bars and TOR steel bars why TMT bars are far better than the latter. So if you are looking for the best TMT bars in India, we at ShyamMetalics have got you covered.

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