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Tips To Choose The Best Quality TMT Bars

Tips To Choose The Best Quality TMT Bars

April 27th, 2021

TMT bars have redefined the term ‘strength’ by providing unmatched support to various construction structures. They are widely used for building earthquake-resistant structures and their unparalleled features minimizes the damage caused during any seismic activity.

Apart from this, building a house is a dream for many people in the world. When this dream is finally coming true, it is necessary for the homeowner to ensure that the construction activity is fully supported by superior quality materials.

TMT bar is one of the most important construction materials worldwide. The quality of TMT bars cannot be compromised as they are one of those crucial materials that help in determining and assuring the longevity and strongest building structure.

Choosing the best TMT bars are one of the most important things to be done for building construction. Below we have discussed certain tips which will help you to choose the finest quality TMT bars –

    • Strength and Flexibility of the bar – The best quality TMT bars should have the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. India has a devastating history of earthquakes so it must be ensured that the TMT bars are capable of protecting the building during seismic activities. It must also be noted that a good quality TMT bar will not form traverse cracks after bending through 180 degrees.

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    • Gradation of bars – TMT bars are divided into multiple grades, such as – Fe 415, Fe 500 and Fe 550 and Fe 600.Selecting high-grade TMT bars is a must if the construction is happening in an earthquake-prone zone. A higher grade means higher yield strength.


    • Certification of bars –Before purchasing TMT bars, it is necessary to ensure that the bars are ISO (International Standards Organization) certified. We highly recommend going for TMT brands that have BIS and ISO certification, they may cost you more but they are of superior quality and ensure the safety of the construction project.


    • Corrosionresistance – TMT bars must have the quality of corrosion resistance. It is one of those properties that has led to the increase in demand for TMT bars. Corrosion and rusting on TMT bars can create serious problems and can seriously hamper the quality of the construction.


    • Reputation – TMT bars must be purchased from a manufacturer who has a long reputation in the market. You can easily trust a reputed TMT bar company or manufacturer in India for providing you with the best TMT bars. At Shyam Metalics, we are one of the leading TMT bar companies in India, we have set a reputation in the market for providing our customers with the finest quality TMT bars.



These are some of the pointers which you need to keep in mind before purchasing TMT bars. We hope it was helpful and informative to you in choosing the right TMT bars for your dream house.

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