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Highlighting The Importance Of Ribs In TMT Bars

Why Ribs Are Important For Best Quality TMT Bars?

February 27th, 2021

In the modern construction industry, TMT Bars or Thermomechanically Treated Bars are the only choices that can be used for almost all construction structures. The best quality TMT bars feature yield strength, high ductility, earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance properties as well.

TMT bars are manufactured by using Thermex Cooling Technology which involves quenching and self-tempering. Due to its unique manufacturing process, the core of the TMT Bars become ferrite and the outer surface becomes ductile.

If you have noticed, TMT bars have ribs and lugs on its surface.  Ribs provide enhanced bonding strength in concrete structures so as to hold the structures properly and eliminate the chance of slippage of the concrete material from the TMT bars.


What is the importance of ribs in TMT bars?

=> Ribs provide superior bonding strength between TMT Bars and Concrete. This makes the concrete structure strong and sturdy and helps it to withstand natural calamities like earthquake and flood. Ribbed TMT bar is known for providing safety from deadly natural calamities.

=> The ribs present on the surface of the TMT bar increases its strength and distributes the load evenly across the TMT bar.

=> The incorporate of ribs and lugs on TMT bars makes the TMT bars strong enough to make the concrete structures strong and stable that will last forever.


Types of Ribs –

=> Reinforced steel TMT bars – TMT bars that are circular or semi-circular cross-section which can be used in RCC

=> Ribbed TMT Bars – Ribbed TMT bars feature double rows crosswise ribs which is uniformly distributed throughout the entire length and that ensures better bonding with concrete.

=> Longitudinal Rib – It is a uniform and consistent ribbed pattern corresponding to the vertical of the steel-reinforced bar.

=> Transverse Rib – It is a rib on the outside surface of the TMT bar other than a longitudinal rib.



Shyam Metalics is one of the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India. Our best-in-class TMT bars provide immense support in the construction industry for the construction of various concrete structures. Our TMT bars are known for their superior ductility, fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties which makes it perfect for heavy-duty construction.

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