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Highlighting the importance of lugs and ribs on TMT bars

Highlighting The Importance Of lugs And Ribs On TMT Bars

September 8th, 2020

It is absolutely needless to mention that TMT bars are the most preferred for construction purpose due to its exceptionally unique properties. ShyamMetalics being one of the premier manufacturers of TMT bars in India is known for manufacturing and supplying the best TMT bars in India which ensures yield strength, earthquake resistance properties, high ductility, corrosion resistance and fire resistance properties too.

While purchasing TMT bars, you have probably noticed that it features rings and lines which are also called lugs and ribs. These lugs and ribs run at regular intervals across TMT bars of all grades. You might also think about what exactly is the significance of these lugs and ribs. Well, those lugs and ribs provide immense bonding strength between TMT bars and concrete which actually helps the structure to remain strong during earthquake or flood. Ribbed TMT bars are known for providing extra safety in seismic zones. The right ribs and lugs in TMT bars can do wonders by making the structure strong and stable. Here we have elaborately discussed why these lugs and ribs are absolutely crucial –

  1. Improves Bonding Strength – The lugs and ribs in TMT bars provide better bonding strength, which is way better than previously used smooth-surfaced TMT bars. During the early days only smooth-surfaced TMT bars were used and later these deformed/ lugs and ribs TMT bars came into existence and proved to be better than smooth-surfaced TMT bars. These TMT bars also reduces the wastage of concrete by minimizing concrete slippage.

  1. Increases Bendability – The lugs and ribs are quite effective in increasing the bendability of TMT bars, despite the fact these lugs and ribs have reduced the length of the bars. This increased bendability enables the structures to withstand against natural calamities like earthquakes and also makes the bars capable of handling enormous stress.

ShyamMetalics’ deformed/lugs and ribs TMT price in West Bengal and in other states are quite reasonable and it assures an increased strength, better grip in concrete and distributes the load evenly across the entire TMT bar. It is absolutely pivotal that you buy TMT bars from a reputed TMT bar manufacturer in India that ensures an impeccable quality.

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