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Everything You Need To Know About Different Types of TMT Bars and Their Uses in Construction

Everything You Need To Know About Different Types of TMT Bars and Their Uses in Construction

July 19th, 2021

The plethora of benefits that the TMT bar provides in construction projects has made it one of the most widely acclaimed construction materials all across the world. The unique ribbed pattern present on the surface of the TMT bars provides extra strength by bonding them more tightly with concrete.

It is also needless to mention the fact that a good understanding of the different grades of TMT bars is crucial while sourcing the right TMT bars for your project from the best TMT bar companies in India. It must be noted that different projects require a different grade of TMT bars depending on the compositional strength, dimensions and other features.


Before we move the main topic, first let’s discuss what is a TMT Bar and why you should always purchase TMT bars from the best TMT bar companies in India


TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are high-strength reinforcement bars that are widely used in construction projects all over the world, especially in those projects which are happening in a seismic zone.

The manufacturing process of TMT bars involves passing the steel wires through a rolling mill stand. After that, these rolled steel wires are again passed through the Tempcore water cooling system. While passing the wires through the water cooling system, the water pressure is optimised. The sudden quenching and drastic change in temperature toughen the outer layer of the steel bar while the inner core remains soft.

TMT bars are considered the backbone of modern construction so there should be no compromise when it comes to its quality. Only the finest TMT bars from the best TMT bar companies in India should be purchased to preserve the foundation of your home or building.


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Understanding Various Grades of TMT bars

TMT steel bars are available in multiple grade variations, being used by construction and infrastructure firms for their projects. Choosing the right grade will help to preserve the structure during the events of an earthquake.

TMT bars are available in grades like – Fe-415, FE-500, Fe- 550, &Fe- 600. Listed below is what construction projects they are extensively used for –

  • Fe- 415 – This grade of TMT bars are cost-effective and are generally used for small-scale construction projects. It can be easily bent into complex shapes, making it ideal for residential homes, houses and small-scale structures.

Mechanical properties

  • Minimum Yield Strength – 415 N/sq.mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength – 485N/sq.mm
  • Elongation (%) – 14.5
  • Ration (UTS/YS) – ≥ 1.1
  • Fe- 500 – The Fe- 500 grade TMT bars are considered a market standard across many construction projects. It can be used across a range of residential, commercial and multi-story projects and is ideal for construction in areas with high seismic activity and sudden loads.


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Mechanical properties

  • Minimum Yield Strength – 500 N/sq.mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength – 545N/sq.mm
  • Elongation (%) – 12
  • Ration (UTS/YS) – ≥ 1.08
  • Fe- 550 – The Fe- 550 grade is majorly used in large-scale construction projects like bridges and other industrial projects. They are ideal for projects requiring high load-bearing capacities.


Mechanical properties

  • Minimum Yield Strength – 550 N/sq.mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength – 585N/sq.mm
  • Elongation (%) – 10
  • Ration (UTS/YS)- ≥ 1.06
  • Fe- 600 – Fe- 600 grade TMT bars are made for developing heavy-duty or large-scale infrastructure projects, bridges, marine facilities, etc. This grade is acclaimed for its tensile strength is used in metro projects, commercial properties, towers, etc.


Mechanical properties

  • Minimum Yield Strength – 600 N/sq.mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength – 660N/sq.mm
  • Elongation (%) – 10
  • Ration (UTS/YS)- ≥ 1.06


Wrapping up

Based on the type of project, its core requirements, quality standards and project specifications, the right grade of TMT bars need to be utilized.

At ShyamMetalics, we are one of the best TMT bar companies in India. So if you are looking for superior quality TMT bars in India, then we have got you covered.

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