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Elaborating The Bar Bending Schedule of TMT Bars

Elaborating The Bar Bending Schedule of TMT Bars

December 23rd, 2020

TMT bar is an advanced technology which is used for all sorts of construction, be it residential or commercial. The best quality TMT bars ensure the longevity of the building structure by making sturdy and durable to face natural calamities like earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

Two of the most popular properties of TMT bars from reputed TMT bar manufacturer in India are fire resistant and earthquake resistant. The best TMT bars also feature a perfect balance of strength & flexibility that makes your home stand strong during natural calamities and makes it everlasting.

Bar Bending Schedule is the calculation of the total quantity of TMT Steel Bar required for building construction. Bar bending agenda summarizes all of the required properties of bars – diameter, the shape of bending, length of every bent and straight portions, angles of bending, the overall length of every bar, and the grade of each bar. How much TMT Bar is required for the construction? What grade of TMT bar is best for construction? How much TMT Bar required in RCC? All these queries are served during Bar Bending Schedule (BBS).

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Crucial Points to be noted during Bar Bending Schedule

=> TMT Steel Bars should be kept together so that it can be identified for each structural unit and the list should be well distributed for each floor

=> Bars should be in numeric order numbers

=> The bars in the group should be labelled properly with their length, size and shape

=> The calculation of cutting length and bending length should be done separately during the bar bending schedule.

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Importance of Bar Bending Schedule

=> Bar Bending Schedule helps to determine the quantity of steel that is required for a particular. Through this, one can have an accurate estimation of steel

=> Needless to mention it also reduces the wastage of steel and it becomes economical.

=> Once you get the reinforcement drawings, cutting and bending can be easily done at the warehouse before transportation. It increases the speed of construction and reduces the cost of transportation.

=> It becomes easier for site engineers when bending and cutting length of TMT Steel bars are measured.

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