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Why integrated Steel Plants make better TMT bars?

Why integrated Steel Plants make better TMT bars?

September 20th, 2021

For modern constructions, TMT bars or Thermo-mechanically treated bars have become an essential part. Primarily due to their longevity. Whether it is a dam, bridge, or a high-rise, the builders prefer TMT bars due to their strength and endurance against fire or earthquake. However, the longevity of a TMT is highly dependent on the manufacturer because of its quality and product testing. Thus, an integrated steel plant can manufacture better and more high-quality TMT bars and regular steel plants.

Reasons Behind Choosing Integrated Steel Plants

1. Quality of Raw materials:
For a TMT bar, raw materials like iron ore, coal, and dolomite are needed. When an integrated steel plant makes their TMT bars, they use high-quality raw materials. It allows them to have complete control over the quality of the TMT bar. The integrated steel plants bring their raw materials from the mines. After that, they use their preset chemical composition in the plant while making the TMT bars. Therefore, TMT produced by integrated steel plants has longevity and strength.

2. Cost:
Many builders prefer TMT bars made in integrated steel plants because of their low price. Since the integrated steel plant has complete control of the whole process, the production cost of the TMT bars is also lesser than those produced in mini plants. This is the reason they can offer good value to their customers. As the integrated steel plants can sell high-quality TMT bars at a standard price, their TMTs are a favorite of many builders.

3. Proportion:
Most of the integrated steel plants have their proportion. Moreover, they try to keep up the quality of the TMT bars by maintaining the contents. Therefore, there is less chance for the Integrated steel plants’ TMTs to have harmful elements. As the mini steel plants often use leftovers from the enormous and integrated steel plants, quality control and reduction of adverse objects are very difficult.

4. Casting:
The integrated steel plants mostly use automated rollers while casting. Moreover, the process is continuously monitored. It helps in maintaining the uniform properties of the TMT bars.
They use modern technology, and the upgraded mechanism helps the integrated steel plants to generate TMT bars with a fine finish. Many integrated plants have switched to tungsten carbide rolls while replacing steel rolls. Hence, the TMT bars have high quality and the best look.

5. Production and Delivery:
The integrated steel plants monitor the whole process, starting from the raw materials to casting and manufacturing. This allows them to have complete control over production and their delivery. Therefore, the delivery is on time. At the same time, the technologically advanced production mechanism leads them to manufacture superior quality TMT bars with durability and strength.

The builders who work on big projects, including the high-rise, always search for TMTs that are not affected by fire and earthquake very smoothly. At the same time, the bars need to be less prone to erosion and have high durability and ductility. Hence, their first choice is TMT bars manufactured by integrated steel plants. They incorporate advanced technology to produce high-quality TMT bars at a comparatively lower cost.

Choose Shyam Metalics for Best-Quality TMT Bars
Shyam Metalics produce the best quality TMT bars with a tough outside and a soft inner core, which are the characteristics of a superior quality TMT. The SEL TMT bars can withstand heat up to 600-650°c. Its composition includes carbon and manganese in proportion, giving a great bendability to resist the earthquake impact.

The SEL TMT bars come with uniform rib patterns. It allows them to have a better bonding with the concrete element present in the cement. Hence, you have the best foundation for your home.

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