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Structural Steel

What Is Structural Steel And How Is It Manufactured?

November 27th, 2020

It is absolutely needless to mention that steel is used in almost each and every construction all over the globe. Starting from buildings, bridges to the world-famous tourist attraction in Paris, Eiffel Tower, is made possible by steel. To be more specific, structural steel. So now what is Structural Steel?

Structural steel is a category of steel which is a widely used construction material. Structural steel is used for making construction materials in a variety of shapes and is designed to have a good strength to weight ratio. In order to manufacture structural steel, iron is heated up and then manganese is added to it to achieve the perfect strength to weight ratio.

Let’s talk about the manufacturing process of Structural steel in detail –

Raw iron is the primary ingredient of structural steel. It is quite rare to find the perfect raw iron which is absolutely pure as most of the time it contains a high amount of carbon. So, at first, some of the carbon needs to be removed.

1. The raw iron is first crushed and sorted and then refined to sort out the best grade of iron.

2. Ore is loaded into a blast furnace from the top and heated while hot air is also blown from the below. This process collects pure iron at the bottom of the furnace by eliminating the impurities.

3. The molten state of iron is then further heated so that substances like manganese can be included.

Once the process of manufacturing is completed, the steel is then configured into various shapes depending on how it will be used. Some of the most common shapes are channel, beam, plate, angle and hollow steel tube.

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How is structural steel different and better?

Well, it is just like any other types of steel, the components are the same which is iron and carbon. But then manganese is also added which delivers more strength, ductility and also makes it cost-effective. Manganese also improves the machinability of steel, which helps the steel to bend better and resist cracking. When external insulation is done to structural steel, it makes it fireproof and prevents deterioration during a fire breakout.

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