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August 21st, 2020

Structural describe hot rolled steel products such as angles, channels and beams. An integral part of infrastructure building, they give shape and strength to buildings, bridges, transmission line towers, industrial sheds and other structures. We not only make structurals of standard dimensions, but also customized products for specific applications, economically and quickly. Our forte lies in rolling customer-specific products at low cost. To ensure quality, each batch in thoroughly tested for chemical and mechanical properties before clearing for dispatch. After piece-by-piece manual inspection, nesting and building is done to suit the user’s requirement and ease of erection at site. Availability of raw materials from in-house production enable production economies that eventually benefit the customer.

With an array of high quality Structural products under the brand ‘SEI..’., backed by world-class service and its other products, Shyam Metalics holds its pride of place among the leading steel manufacturers of the country.

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