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Best Quality SEL TMT Bar For Construction

For Building Residential Houses In India Which Are The Best Quality TMT Bars and Which Brand is Preferred by The Customers?

October 15th, 2020

TMT bars are one of the most important elements that are used for the construction of a house. Presuming that you desire to make your house strong, rather durable through all kinds of weather and natural calamities. There is a saying in Bengali that translates to, “If the foundation of the house is not strong the entity would not sustain.”

The idiom applies to human aspects as well as a house. Just like being thorough makes a person wise, the TMT holds the house from falling apart. And only the best quality TMT bars can become the foundation and backbone of your property. Shyam Metalics ensures the protection of the most important people in your life.

Hence, let us unravel the secret of making your house last for generations.

What are TMT bars?

A TMT bar gets its name from the process used for manufacture, which is a Thermal Mechanical Treatment. The steel used in the construction of residential houses is produced from the TMT process, these are steel bars that add strength to your house. Apart from giving strength it also provides tensile strength, high elongation percentage, and ductility to the core. These features make the best quality TMT bars.

The power of the best quality TMT bars

The TMT bars impose strength and stretch durability for residential constructions. The importance of these TMT bars are high when it comes to high rise buildings that have multiple floors. Further, the flexibility of the rebars calls the artist inside an architect. Hence, the bars not only provide strength but also help tailor the property.

When the construction is being made in areas with normal or high seismic activity, the TMT rebars reassure the durability of the building. The best quality TMT bars must be defect proof and without cracks. These TMTs will help in sustaining the building even if the seismic activity is high.

Therefore, when houses are made from this product they are strong and can endure earthquakes or seismic shocks.

The Types of TMT bars

There are two types of TMT bars- Fe 500D and Fe 500. Both these TMT bars can be used for the construction of residential houses. Both of them have 0.2% proof stress/yield stress (min). But, there is a 2% increase in the tensile strength in Fe 500D. The tensile strength (min) in Fe 500D is 565 MPa while in Fe 500 it is 545 MPa.

The Fe 500D is best in terms of durability, and Fe 500 is best for areas free from seismic shocks. Fe 500 has a value of 12% while Fe 500D provides 16% enhancing the standard minimum percentage of elongation. The ‘D’ stands for ductility that helps balance the mechanical elements.

Shyam- the customer’s brand!

One of the leading brands of TMT bars is Shyam Metallics. The moderately priced and durability of their product has drawn a lot of industry attention. If you are interested to visit the steel department of Shyam Metalics to find out the SEL TMT bars price in West Bengal. 

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