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Find Out The Different Uses Of TMT Bars

Find Out The Different Uses Of TMT Bars

October 25th, 2020

In the modern construction sector, a TMT bar is a must. The rebars ensure the strength and longevity of the constructed building. It is very important to choose the best TMT bar manufacturer in India for ensuring the best quality TMT bars. The steel bar produced at integrated steel plants has proved to be the best in the market.

The Thermo mechanically treated bars are produced by cooling the red hot metal under a water jet which is known as the “Thermex” process. Through this process the outer layer of the TMT is hardened and while the inner core remains hot and soft. These TMT bars thus become very strong, corrosion-free, ductile, fatigue-less, and earthquake resistant.

Before we talk about the uses of TMT bars let us discuss the best quality TMT bars.

The secret behind Fe 500D being the best

Different grades of TMT bars are manufactured for various uses. Usually, the grade is denoted for the yield strength of the TMT bar. The grade starts from Fe 415 and expands till Fe 600. The ductility is inversely proportional to the yield straight of the TMT bar. Therefore, a very strong TMT bar will be low on ductility. So, the confusion remains which are the best quality TMT bars that help in making a structure strong as well as provide ductility.

The IS standards Fe 500 is considered to be the grade of TMT bars that can be termed as the best. The ‘D’ stands for ductility, and Fe 500D is that bar that has the perfect mix of strength and ductility. It is important to choose the best TMT bar manufacturer in India who will be able to provide all the grades and definitely the best grade Fe 500D.

So, you know the secret for choosing Fe 500D for your construction purposes. Let us find out what are the types of constructions that require TMT bars.

Different Uses of a TMT bar

Only the best quality TMT bars are used for construction purposes and there are plenty of areas that require TMT bars.

The TMT bars are mainly used in-

  1. Airports
  2. Stadiums
  3. Dams
  4. Bridges
  5. Highways
  6. Power Plants
  7. Flyovers
  8. Complex Buildings
  9. High Rise Construction
  10. TMTs are abundantly used in building a dream house

The reason the civil constructions focus on using TMT bars is due to its safety, durability, and long-lasting attributes.

The other deviations of TMT bars

Some of the special properties of TMT bars can be defined as-

  1. Fire Resistant

    At any given time a building can catch fire be it a high rise or other structures when exposed to fire. Often buildings have collapsed after or during fire hazards. That is when TMT bars come in handy. A TMT bar can absorb heat up to 600℃.

  2. During construction

    When the construction is ongoing, the TMT bars are exposed to all types of weather changes. In this time, if you are not using the best quality TMT bars then, you could see the steel bars rusting due to the weather. Therefore, the corrosion and fatigue resistance of TMT bars are high in demand.

Further, it also helps the building to sustain earthquakes as the Fe 500D is a well-balanced TMT. Shyam will personally help you choose the best TMT for your construction purposes. If you are looking for the best quality TMT bar manufacturer in India, then you have your answer.

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