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What should not be done with TMT bars

What Should Not Be Done With TMT Bars?

September 8th, 2020

Thermo Mechanical Treatment bars, also known as, TMT bars, are known for their superior ductility, high strength and sturdiness, weldability and elongation. These are some of the qualities which have framed them as the most preferred material for a plethora of construction projects. The best quality TMT bars are also known for easily resisting the stress caused due to high seismic activity as they do not feature any defects or surface cracks.

But at the same time, we must also remember that there are certain things which can harm the quality of TMT bars, there are certain things which should not ever be done with TMT bars, let’s discuss some of those things –

  1. Painting the TMT bars – When the TMT are painted, their bonding and concrete strength is drastically reduced as the surface becomes smooth which in turn affects the strength and durability of the structure. When metals are painted for the purpose of preventing rust, they work finely, but this is not the case with TMT bars. Metals are TMT bars are different than one another.

  1. Switching the grades during construction – TMT bars are classified into various grades such as Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. Each grade has its own uses. If the building structure is small then the grade Fe415 will be sufficient. The higher the grade, the stronger is the TMT bar and grades are chosen on the designing stage of the structure, they are chosen on the basis of multiple factors such as the level of pressure the structure can withstand, the size of the structure, etc.

    Once all the planning is done and the grade is decided, never switch the grade. If the structure is designed in a way that it is very much suitable with Fe415 grade, then never use higher grades like Fe500 or 600 as switching TMT bar grades in the midst of construction can lead to a serious loss in the term of load resisting capacity and its design.

  1. Wrong bending of TMT bars – TMT bars are widely appreciated for its quality of bendability and it must be bent as per the design of the building. The bending must be done in a correct way otherwise it would harm the tensile strength of the bar and hamper its superior performance. TMT bars must be bent using appropriate machinery and not by manual labour, especially when it comes to high grades.

  2. The wrong choice of grades – As already mentioned various grades of TMT bars are available – Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 and higher the grade, the greater is the yield strength but lesser is the ductility. Ductility ensures the longevity of the building of building as it withstands the loads and pressures of the structure and thus, the grade Fe415 is widely regarded as the perfect grade as it features both superior tensile strength and ductility ratio.

TMT bars are the most common and widely appreciated construction material for its tensile strength and ductility. However, to ensure that the TMT bars are working impeccably, the above-mentioned points are the certain things that must not be done to TMT bars.

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