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Reasons Why TMT Bars Are A Crucial Construction Material

August 21st, 2020

TMT bars which stand for ‘Thermo Mechanical Treatment’ bars are one of the most common and widely used indispensable construction material globally. They are so widely used because of their quality of exceptional strength, earthquake resistant and superior bonding properties which adds super strength and longevity to the building structure. These are some of the reasons why TMT bars are considered one of the major key components of building construction. TMT bars are used for a plethora of construction activities which involves buildings, transmission towers, industrial sheds, structures, road, dam and in other various infrastructures.  Buyers are constantly looking out for best TMT bars and for that they are approaching the best TMT bar manufacturers in India.

Here are a few reasons why the best quality TMT bars are considered the backbone of building construction globally –
Here are a few reasons why the best quality TMT bars are considered the backbone of building construction globally –

  1. High Ductility/Superior Strength – TMT bars are much superior in strength in comparison to conventional reinforcement bars. While they are manufactured, they undergo a process of receiving intense cooling when they pass through the water cooling system which significantly hardens the outer surface of the bars and makes it stronger. TMT bars are available in grades like Fe-415, Fe-550, the higher the grade, the stronger is the TMT bar. Shyam Metaliks is one of the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India which provides premium and best quality TMT bars in India.

  1. Fatigue Resistant Properties – TMT bars feature the quality of being fatigue-resistant which enables them to tolerate a soaring level of stress and withstand pressure. TMT bars also feature a tough outer core which surrounds the soft inner core which makes them capable of absorbing shock and bestow the bars with bending and re-bending features. Their fatigue-resistant properties make the most suitable construction material which can resist earthquakes.

  1. Exceptional Weldability – Better weldability of TMT bars allows the construction designers and architectures to showcase a high level of innovation and creativity. They can incorporate a lot of new designs and build innovative structures without actually compromising the quality of the structure.

  1. Fire Resistant – It is one of the unique quality of TMT bars on which the TMT bar manufacturers in India boast about. They can tolerate extreme levels of heat which enables to protect the structure from fire hazards. This quality of being fire resistant is one of the major reasons why TMT bars are most preferred in construction activities.

  1. Cost-Effective – Using TMT bars in construction activities saves about 20 % of steel, thus leading to a saving in the amount spent on buying TMT bars. TMT bars also offer superior structural strength with the same amount of steel, which in turn decreases the cost of production.

  1. Better bonding with cement – TMT bars form a strong bond with cement which provides superior strength to the structure and significantly increases its logistics.

These are some of the most important features which make TMT bars a top priority for all types of building projects but the buyer must ensure that he is purchasing the best TMT bar from the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India and also verify its quality.

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