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How TMT Bars Can Help Reduce The Cost Of Construction

How TMT Bars Can Help Reduce The Cost Of Construction?

January 18th, 2021

Steel is a crucial construction material which is widely used in construction activities all over the world. With the increase of construction activities across the globe, the demand for high-strength steel has also grown to a tremendous level. With the increase in demand for steel products, there has been a rapid increase in its cost as well. Ordinary steel bars are expensive and they also increase the cost of the overall construction.

TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars offer great weld-ability, great strength, healthier elongation, and ductility. These are the reasons why it has become extremely popular in the market. TMT bars play a crucial role in the construction industry. They are used in the construction of houses, multi-storied buildings, and several engineering structures.

Let’s learn how the best quality TMT bars can actually lower the cost of construction –

  • Low quantity – As TMT bars feature possess higher tensile strength, it is way stronger than conventional steel bars. So lesser quantity of TMT bars is required for a particular construction project when compared to other conventional steel bars. This naturally reduces the total amount spent on steel.

  • Reduced storage and transportation cost – TMT bars are extremely lightweight and flexible which makes it easy and hassle-free to assemble and transport. This reduces the overall cost of construction by reducing the expenses on labour and transportation.

  • Eliminates the maintenance costs – TMT bars feature corrosion-resistance properties along with superior bonding strength which enables the TMT bars to stay robust and resist climatic changes. This saves maintenance and repair cost.

  • Protection against natural calamities – The best quality TMT bars are known for providing safety with its earthquake-resistant properties. Due to its unique manufacturing process, TMT bars are able to deliver a higher level of flexibility to the structure. This helps the constructed structure to withstand the stress of a seismic event.

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What makes Shyam Metalics a leading TMT bar manufacturer in India?

Shyam Metalics is one of the leading TMT bars manufacturer and supplier all across the country. Our products are trusted by various builders due to their unmatched properties –

Fire & Corrosion Resistant – Our ‘SEL’ TMT Bars can resist extreme temperature ranging from 600°C to 650°C. The combined chemistry of steel and advanced quenching process makes SEL TMT fire and corrosion-resistant.

Earthquake Resistant – Our ‘SEL’ TMT bars feature a balanced proportion of Carbon and Manganese which results in higher elongation and better bendability to resist natural calamities like earthquake.

Savings – Our ‘SEL’ TMT Bar comes with lower and uniform sectional weight resulting in further saving of 3-4%.

Quality bonding with RCC – SEL TMT Bars have uniform rib pattern, which is designed using an automated CNC machine. Uniform rib pattern on the TMT bar helps in quality bonding with reinforced concrete cement.

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