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Five Tips to Choose the Right TMT Bar for Your New Home

Five Tips to Choose the Right TMT Bar for Your New Home

September 29th, 2021

When you build the dream home for you and your family, you stay away from any compromise. Best is what your eyes linger on, right? If so, you must look out for a few factors while choosing the right TMT bar for your abode. As TMT bars are the key to the strength of your home, you need to be careful while choosing the right TMT bars.

Five Factors to Consider Before Buying TMT Bars:

Here is a list of five factors that you should consider while selecting which TMT bar to use for building your dream home:

  1. Ductility and Strength: When you are building your home, then you must choose a TMT bar that will be strong. As per the grade of TMT bars in India, there are three types of TMT bars available; Fe 415, Fe 500, and Fe 550. If your home is in a plainland without much earthquake risk, you can choose Fe 550. With higher numbers, the strength of the TMT bars also increases. However, if your home is in an earthquake-prone zone, it is best to choose a ductile one. The TMT bars with lower strength have much better ductility. The softcore and hard outside of the TMT bars make them perfect for houses and high-rise buildings.
  2. Flexibility and Longevity: Since you are building your ‘home,’ you are probably more invested in choosing materials with longevity. The flexibility of the TMT bars makes them strong. Hence, they last longer than the ones without much flexibility. During construction, the builder may need to bend it. If the TMT bars lack flexibility, they will break. Therefore, when you are buying TMT bars, you can check for their flexibility. This will also ensure the longevity and strength of the TMT bars.
  3. Consider the Brand: The raw materials of the TMT bars play a significant role in making them strong and perfect for your home. Each brand maintains its ratio of materials. You can check the brand name and their certification for quality. However, it is always better to choose TMT bars made in integrated steel plants. They provide high-quality iron and use modern technology while manufacturing their TMT bars. Since the brands do all the tasks from choosing raw material to molding and final finish, they have complete control over the quality of the TMT bars. The cost is also considerably lower, and quality is way better than TMT bars produced in mini steel plants. This makes them suitable and robust for your house.
  4. Rust and Fire resistance: The TMT bars should be made to resist rust. If a TMT bar gets rust, then there are chances of cracks in the house. If TMT bras are kept in an open condition, they will rust quickly. Eventually leading to corrosion. This will decrease the longevity of the TMT bars, and the columns of the house will get cracked. At the same time, the bars should be fire-resistant. The thermal resistance feature of TMT bars is getting popular in building construction as that can decrease the chance of catching fire and getting destroyed.
  5. The technology of Manufacturing: It is challenging enough to learn about the TMT bars manufacturing technology. However, you can get some knowledge about them from the brand’s official page and sellers. The bars should be made of modern technology, which increases the strength of the bars. If a bar has a uniform rib pattern, then it can hold the concrete cement better. The advanced technology can also give the TMT bars a better finish.

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