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5 Things to See Before Finalizing a TMT Bar for your New Home

5 Things to See Before Finalizing a TMT Bar for Your New Home

November 29th, 2021

When you are building your new home, you must think of longevity. Most of the builders prefer to use TMT bars because they provide strength to the building. You may consider the strength and power of the TMT bars while buying, but there are some other features of the bars that make your home stand strong, increase longevity and at the same time decrease the cost of the building.

Here is a list of five things that you need to check for finalizing a TMT bar for your new home –


  1. Check the grade of the TMT bars: While selecting the TMT bars for your home, it is a must to know which one to use. This will make the construction sturdy, and at the same time, your cost will also decrease. There are different grades of TMT bars available in India, like Fe415, Fe500, Fe550 D, Fe 640, CRS 500D, CRS 550 D, CRS 600 D, etc. The higher the grade of the bars, the stronger they are. Hence high graded bars are apt for building bridges, high rise, commercial buildings, and lower graded TMT bars are suitable for balconies and other decorative constructions.
  2. Process of Manufacturing: When you select TMT bars for your new home, you must choose the stronger ones. Therefore, you should go for the TMT bars that are made with the latest technologies. The cold twisted method has become outdated, and many steel plants are switching to the latest technologies like Thermex. They increase the strength and flexibility of the TMT bars. The machine-made TMT bars have a fine finish.
  3. Many TMT bars have plaited lines made on them. This increases their adhesiveness to the concrete.
  4. Flexibility and Ductility: The strength of a building also depends on the flexibility of the TMT bars. If the bars are flexible, they will be able to withstand the pressure without getting deformed permanently. At the same time, when the TMT bars are used, they need to be welded. If the TMT bar does not have ductility, it may break, leading to wastage of TMT bars. This can add up to the cost of the building. You must choose the TMT bars that can be smoothly elongated. It is best to finalize TMT bars that are strong, flexible, and ductile.
  5. Corrosion and fire-resistant: Since TMT bars are made of steel, they corrode when in contact with moisture and oxygen. To prevent corrosion, many brands use chromium and nickel alloy. This prevents the bars from corroding and the concrete gets a better grip on the bars. The chances of the building getting cracked with time also decrease if you use corrosion-resistant bars for your home. Some bars also have the features of fire resistance. You can also consider this feature while finalizing bars for your dream home.
  6. Check the Brand: When you are buying a TMT bar, you can check the certificate of the brand. At the same time, consider the brand that manufactures the TMT bars. It is always better to buy TMT bars from integrated steel plants. They use good quality raw materials and high technology. This makes the TMT bars strong. At the same time, the transport cost is comparatively lower based on their location near the mines. They also do continuous research and multiple testing to ensure the quality of the bars.


When you finalize the TMT bars, make sure to take a bar and see if they have the proper logo or brand name on them. You should also see if there is any rust on the bars. Finally, you need to ensure that the TMT brand you are choosing has a proper supply chain. These factors can help you get the best quality TMT bars for your home.

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