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Features of effective Corrosion-resistant TMT bars

Features of effective Corrosion-resistant TMT bars

October 26th, 2021

Most modern builders prefer to use TMT bars in their buildings. Good quality and strong TMT bars increase the strength of the building and also protect the building from earthquakes. But it is essential to select the perfect TMT bars. Corrosion in TMT bars can be a big issue after some years and may crack the brick walls. Thus, it is always better to buy effective Corrosion-resistant TMT for your home to ensure longevity.


The TMT bars need to carry the load of the whole building, and they may eventually corrode due to the constant exposure to moist air, heavy rainfall. The ordinary carbon-steel reinforced bars are not strong enough to withstand the load and pressure for long. Therefore, it is better to use effective corrosion-resistant TMT bars.

There are primarily three types of corrosion occurring in a TMT bar; incubation, propagation, and initiation.


Corrosion occurs in TMT bars if they are exposed to oxygen, moisture. As iron oxidizes smoothly, the bars may corrode. The corroded bars do not show much adhesiveness to the concrete. It is better to use corrosion-resistant TMT bars to avoid this.


Here are a few features of Corrosion-resistant TMT bars:

  1. A mixture of Alloy: Iron and steel bars are prone to corrosion because iron tends to oxidize with the oxygen present in the open air. They also become rusty. To make the TMT bars Corrosion-resistant, many steel plants add chromium, nickel. When mixed at a particular ratio, they make corrosion-resistant bars.
  2. Raw Materials: To make the TMT bars corrosion-resistant, the steel plants use good quality raw materials. They also have their proportion that ensures the strength and anti-corrosion features of the bars. The bars are tested several times, and hence they ensure supreme quality.
  3. Endurance: The corrosion-resistant TMT bars have high resistance against adverse conditions like groundwater salinity or acidic substances. Ordinary TMT bars do not have these properties and may experience corrosion when exposed to these conditions.
  4. Ductility: Most corrosion-resistant TMT bars are made ductile. This makes them strong and flexible. The builders may need to bend the bars according to their requirements while building. As the bars are ductile, the chance of wastage decreases. The flexibility of the TMT bars also makes them fit for buildings in seismic regions.
  5. Longevity: The corrosion-resistant TMT bars have more longevity than any other ordinary TMT bars. Since corrosion does not affect their grip on the concrete, they stay powerful. The bars are flexible and easily bendable, and hence they can resist the extra load and pressure. Their strength, weldability, and flexibility are the reason behind their longevity.
  6. Technologically superior: To make corrosion-resistant TMT bars, the steel plants require good technological support. Therefore, these TMT bars are technologically superior to ordinary bars. Many steel plants use advanced technology to make the bars corrosion-free. They subject the bars to thermo-mechanical treatment, making them rust-free and corrosion-resistant. These TMT bars also have a fine finish, making it easier for the concrete to get stuck to them.


When you are buying TMT bars for your house at a low cost, make sure to check the quality certificate for them. It is always better to use high-quality and flexible TMT bars. There are integrated steel plants that produce superior TMT bars with impactful corrosion-resistant features. They use quality raw materials, and their extensive research helps them in manufacturing bars with massive strength.


You must look for corrosion-resistant bars having flexibility, ductility, and strength because they have a longer life than most ordinary bars. The flexibility of the TMT bars will support the building to stand against earthquakes. You can also select fire-resistant bars. You can check if the TMT bars you are choosing have a regular plaid-like design. This gives the bar strong adhesiveness to the concrete. You can also opt for the best quality TMT bars from integrated steel plants, like SEL TMT, which offers a good product at a reasonable price.

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