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How Can You Reduce The Cost Of Construction Of Residential Buildings?

How Can You Reduce The Cost Of Construction Of Residential Buildings?

October 28th, 2020

In India, every family wishes to stay in their own house. But, the present scenario is difficult, where the prices of the raw materials are quite high. Therefore, it becomes very hard for middle-class families to fulfil their dreams of constructing a roof above their heads. So, it became necessary for us to produce a blog that will help you build a house alongside maintaining the cost.

The cost of construction can be divided into a few categories for further segregation, let us find out what they are.

The Different Types of Cost for Construction

A building has to be constructed on certain things such as the land, raw materials and the labours who will construct the house. So, let us discuss those points that make a building expensive.

  1. Design or Architectural CostIf you are looking for going above 2 floors then you should not consider the cheaper way of construction so that the building is durable. If that is not the case then there are structural designers who can help you reduce your costs. This will not only help you reduce the construction cost but also save costs for upcoming maintenance and recurring. Make sure you get a detailed design done so that there is no confusion or misconstructions.

  2. Land CostsChoose a proper location for construction, as if it is not lined with the street then you need more materials to fill up the gap. Then check the development regulations that will help you recognise the upcoming developments in that locality.

  3. Construction MaterialsWhen you purchase raw materials such as cement, bricks, TMT bars, etc. need to be bought from local vendors. The cost of TMT bar in West Bengal is on the cheaper side if you are located on this part of India. Remember you need to use only the best quality TMT bar, so that the strength of the building is not being compromised. Other than these you need materials such as doors and windows, electric items, flooring, plaster, paints, plumbing CP fixtures and sanitary. These you can find in your locality at various prices. But, do not go for a false ceiling, as that will be very expensive.

  4. Labours working on your projectFind people who have experience in this field and will build a house without mistakes or faults. If you are planning on concealing the wires, do not go for it as it might look authentic but costs a lot. Additionally, do not use complex elevation that does give a rich look but also increases the cost.

Make sure that you are not changing the building plan often, increasing the labour time. This means that when you choose a residential construction that has to be cost-effective you must keep this in mind that, as and when you increase the work, that payment takes a hike along with it. Therefore, select the most experienced builders and best raw materials at reasonable prices for a house that is less costly yet, beautiful.

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