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Elucidating The Different Grades Of TMT Bars

August 21st, 2020

Needless to mention, TMT bars are one of the widely used materials in construction for superior protection against earthquakes and other types of disasters and they have also witnessed a significant increase in market demand. In order to ensure of the structure, the best quality TMT bars must be purchased which should be resistant to corrosion and helps to obtain a prolonged life to the structure.

TMT bar manufacturers in India manufacture four different grades of TMT bars – Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600.  The numbers indicate the level of stress that must be applied to deform it and higher the grade, the stronger and superior the bar is. The grades are given according to their strength and rigidity. High graded bars are commonly used in the core of the building structure, such as roofs and floors while low graded bars are used for decorative structures, balcony railings and other similar types of construction. If Fe-600 bars are for hardcore industrial use then Fe-415 grade is suitable for homes and residential construction. Similarly, Fe-500 and Fe-550 grades are versatile bars which can be used for construction of bridges and underground structures.

Now, let’s learn a little detail about these different grades of these bars which the TMT bar manufacturers in India produce –

  1. Fe-415 – This grade of TMT bar is perfect choice for homes and residential construction. They feature higher elongation which makes them absolutely perfect for building structures in earth quake-prone areas. These grades of bars are also resistant to corrosion and rust as they feature anti-resistant coating.

  2. Fe-500 – This grade of TMT bar is popularly known for its uses during the construction of bridges, underground structures and multi-story commercial buildings. They are perfectly resistant to corrosion and that is the reason they used widely in coastal areas

  3. Fe-550 – They are slightly better than Fe-550 grade and they are used both for construction activities which Fe-500 is capable of and also for those projects which is a little bit difficult for Fe-500 to handle.

  4. Fe-600 – This type of TMT grade is generally used for heavy industrial construction as they require extraordinary strength and hardiness. This grade feature higher tensile strength than any of the other grades.

At Shyam Metalics, we understand that constructing a home is a big decision and an even bigger commitment. A commitment to keep it vigorous against earthquakes and other natural disasters. We are the leading TMT bar manufacturer in India manufacturing and supplying best quality TMT bars in India of all grades. Our TMT steel bars ensure superior strength and flexibility which can withstand earthquakes and are also fire and corrosion resistant.

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