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Inviting Expression of Interests (EoI) for plant by-products

October 19th, 2021

Expression of Interests (EoIs) are invited for purchase of 4 by-products generated at M/s Shyam
Sel and Power Ltd., Jamuria unit.
The specifications of the by-products are as follows:
Dusts Fe(Total) Fixed Carbon Volatile %
ESP Dust 18-20% 4-5% 4-5%
Scrapper Dust 17-18% 20-22% 5-6%
Bag Filter Dust 18-20% 23-25% 0-1%
Dust siO2 Al3O3 Fe2O3 CaO
Fly Ash 42-50% 20-30% 11-19% 6-8%

These dusts have been widely used in many industries like Steel (Blast furnaces post sintering,
briquetting plant), Cement, Bricks, Pharma, etc., as an iron raw material, fuel, activated
charcoal raw material, etc. Inviting applications from all industries.

For expression of interest/queries, please write to Mr. Abhishek Lath at
[email protected] or call +91 90518 26026.

Yours faithfully,
M/s Shyam Sel & Power Ltd., Jamuria unit

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