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Top 5 Vastu Tips to Remember Before Buying Your Dream Home

Top 5 Vastu Tips to Remember Before Buying Your Dream Home

November 20th, 2021

We all want our dream house to be perfect in every aspect. Perfect comfort level with outlook to feel proud of.

However, a house is not all about the interiors and beauty. The correct science behind the architectural design is a priority for many to ensure health and happiness to the household.

According to the ancient Indian system, Vastu Shastra provides the perfect constitution of the ‘science of dwelling.’ The texts of Vastu Shastra tell us how to set a congenial setting, whether architectural or decorative, for a place to live or work. It is believed that Vastu puts down guidelines in the most scientific way on how to benefit from the positive energies of the universe and keep negative energies at par.

So, if you are still not much aware of Vastu Shastra and are dreaming of the perfect house, here are some tips that you can keep tapping while looking for your dream house.

  1. Sunlight: According to Vastu shastra, a house that receives no or lesser sunlight is the storehouse of negative energies. More importantly, the morning rays are considered very good in keeping the atmosphere inside a house healthy for living. Ample sunlight drives away negative energy and invites positive energies best for the physical and mental wellness of the dwellers. Moreover, adequate ventilation, i.e., easy passage of air in and out, also ensures enough sunlight in the house.
  2. Position of the main entrance: The entry point of the house is crucial in Vastu shastra. The direction from which energies, either in the form of living beings or non-living things like air, enter the house is said to be of importance. Ancient Vedic India believed that energies flow in and out of the main entrance. North-east, north-north, southeast, and west-west are considered virtuous for the upliftment of the house.
  3. Position of Kitchen: Ancient Vedic India believed that a kitchen has to be the most significant part of a household, as this corner is the source of the element of utmost importance in a living being’s life, i.e., food. Vastu associates the kitchen with the purest form of energy, fire, and thus, has to be placed in Agni Kunda, i.e., the southeast corner of the house. Fire ensures our healthy intake of food, and thus, a kitchen where the fire is the main element has to be placed in the direction where sun rays are the strongest, i.e., the southeast direction. Like-wise, the dining place has to be placed near the kitchen and nowhere near the main entrance.
  4. Position of the place of worship: According to Vastu shastra, the prayer room or corner has to be placed in the northeast direction of the house, irrespective of the religion you follow. Northeast is the best corner to dedicate as a place for your Gods’ worship.
  5. Square or rectangular premise: An essential aspect is to see whether the room is square or rectangular in shape to make your house or flat Vastu compliant. Vastu Shastra gives a clear-cut definition of the shape of rooms. Ensure that the rooms follow straight lines and do not fall in circular structures. Even though circular rooms look more stylish, if you are not in a mood to risk the propitious property of the house, then make the rooms in a linear direction.

Vastu compliance is not a choice that we have to make for our dream house. It is supposed to be a mandate. A place of residence or workplace has to be where peace dwells. The universe comprises five primary energies—sun, earth, wind, fire, and water.

The compatibility of these positive energies comes when you allow them to rest at your place comfortably and there is no conflict with the negative energy sources.

We can live a prosperous and happy life with the blessings of nature’s gifts and learn to balance these five elements around us. That is what Vastu Shastra promotes, to live life in cordial with positivity.

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