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SEL Tiger Tiger TMT 550D- Strength, Elasticity & Longevity

Shyam Metalics produces TMT bar 550D which are high in strength and are produced by the process of Thermex technology. These are reinforced bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core. The Company has 25 years of experience offering strong high-quality TMT bars that accelerate its growth. This TMT Brand offers the best quality TMT bars /rods for all the construction purposes which are sold under the brand “SEL Tiger”. It only emphasizes the strength and quality of the TMT bar.


  • SEL Tiger - High-Strength Reinforced Bars Having A Tough Outer Core And A Soft Inner Core.
  • SEL Tiger TMT - Original ‘Ribs’ TMT Bars That’s a Hallmark Of Breakthrough Research and Quality.
  • Most advanced TMT bars in India, employed in the form of Thermex process at best prices.
  • Save 17 % steel compared to normal TMT, specially Fe418 and Cost effective also.
  • Top manufacturing components and raw material with strict test process ensuring prefect shape, standard and thickness.
  • Top manufacturing process with using Thermex technology
Fire & Corrosion Resistant
Earthquake Resistant
17% Savings
Quality Bonding with RCC

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Why You Should Choose SEL Tiger TMT ?

Shyam Metalics & Energy Ltd, is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Eastern India. Steel is the core strength of the group.

SEL Tiger TMT Bars are fire-resistant from 600°C to 650°C. The combined chemistry of steel and advanced quenching process makes SEL Tiger TMT fire and corrosion-resistant.

Balanced proportions of Carbon and Manganese exhibit a good carbon equivalent (CE) that may not be greater than 0.42%, resulting in higher elongation and better bendability to resist Earthquakes.
The use of Fe500D over Fe418 ensures savings in the usage of steel by up to 17%. SEL Tiger TMT Bar comes with lower and uniform sectional weight resulting in further saving of 3-4% of steel.

SEL Tiger TMT Bars have a uniform rib pattern, which is designed by automated CNC machines. The Uniform rib pattern on the TMT Bar helps in quality bonding with reinforced concrete cement.

For All Your Construction Requirements, We Are Here To Assist You Anytime in Kolkata and all over West Bengal.

Best TMT Bar Brand in West Bengal & India

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