Working with Us


Shyam Metalics believes that everyone possesses talent. Here the uniqueness of the talented professionals is not only acknowledged but developed to its maximum potential. Skills and valued ideas are encouraged and people with heart and personality are welcomed. One can thrive in an environment of equal opportunity with a level playing platform to exhibit the best in oneself.


We are focused on the growth of our team. Learning at least one thing a day is a ritual. A new learning everyday while working on projects and assignments with your colleagues and team members add value to your experiences fostering personal and professional development thereby garnering growth.


Initiatives, experiments and innovations are valued and encouraged. The environment provides a source of inspiration to unfurl the imagination, sharpen the rationality and boost the mental strength to newer heights.


Shyam Metalics respects the career goals of the individuals. Based on the aspirations, people are encouraged to design their own career path by alternating between various functions, context and culture.


Our culture inculcates openness. The friendly environment facilitates a natural bonding between the employees. Openness eliminates any barrier towards easy networking and discussions across ranks and files of the organization thereby creating a “sense of belongingness".


At Shyam Metalics every member is committed and passionate about their own contribution but at the same time they understand the importance of performing as a team. In a work environment surrounded by team players, cooperation and bonhomie among the team members is an attribute by default.


Shyam Metalics is one of the most successful business conglomerate in Indian core industry and infrastructure sector contributing meaningfully to the growth of the nation. Working with us will instill pride and honour; self-accomplishments will satisfy your material and physiological needs.

Sense of Purpose

At Shyam Metalics it is believed that job is much more than a source of earning livelihood. A job must carry a sense of purpose. Working for the core and infrastructural sector that acts as a backbone of country’s economic growth provides with a sense of purpose to all employees.