Ore to metal

Shyam Metalics has a history intertwined with stories of efforts, achievements, business acumen, growth and committed employees who have helped shape Shyam Metalics from a solemn entrant to vibrant business conglomerate with more than Rs.3500 Crore turnover, providing employment to more than 7000 people within a short span of 30 years.

The inner strength of the company lies in its philosophy of growth through excellence. The pursuit for superiority at every level and stages has not only enabled Shyam Metalics to win in the market places but also to expand and diversify creating a niche for itself in the core sector that includes Ferro Alloys, Sponge Iron, TMT & Wire Rod, Structure, Billet, Ductile Pipe and Captive Power Plant.

The untiring perseverance to make a marked difference on the lives of the people led to constant development and innovation enhancing strengths and capabilities of the company to newer heights. Quite expectedly the products of Shyam Metalics are a class of its own serving the best interests of discerning domestic customers as well as paving the way for largescale exports to more sophisticated markets in Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan.

Shyam Metalics has always remained true to its commitments and have provided immense emphasis on creating values for its stake holders and all its associates. Empowered by technology, supported by a strong team, connected through robust distribution network and inspired by its ceaseless enterprising zeal for indomitable progress, Shyam Metalics has evolved into a future corporation for providing solutions that support global sustainability.

With more aggressive growth plan Shyam Metalics presently stands at a threshold of creating new industry benchmarks, bigger milestones and meeting the global needs from ORE TO METAL.


Shyam Metalics aspire to be the most admired name towards creating values for our stake holders, customers, employees, people, investors and for the society at large.


Shyam Metalics strives to strengthen its manufacturing activity with high productivity, value added products with sound management practices and controlling cost.

We value hard work, dedication, integrity along with agile thought processes which are the key ingredients for an ever-growing enterprise.

The company seeks to reach new heights and achieve level of excellence through system driven methods and state-of-the-art technology along with the core values ingrained.

We believe in achieving sustainable growth by balancing proper utilization of invaluable natural resources along with proper asset utilization and social developmental activities that forms the core of our business decisions.