CSR Overview

Shyam Metalics believes that a business house is much more than a profit center or an instrument of earning fortunes. Successful corporates are very important members of the society with immense responsibility for solving social, economic and environmental problems. At Shyam Metalics, corporate social responsibility is not merely a ritual but a purpose and objective that is central to its every activity and directed towards building nation by serving people.

Shyam Metalics is thoroughly engaged in multidirectional community development programs and with projects that protects and preserves our environment for tomorrow. Through their CSR programs Shyam constantly supports primary education, community health, skill development through vocational trainings to make them employable in the changing technological ecosystem. It also undertakes programs for empowering the women and the differently abled people.

Shyam Metalics envisages that the progress of the nation is seeded in the inclusive growth for all and therefore its focus is on long term sustained development of the economically disadvantaged people. Shyam Metalics realizes the wastage of the tremendous talent pool in our country due to the lack of opportunity and facilities. So, we pledge to facilitate nurturing of this enormous human resource and motivate them to meet their true potentials.

The effort for contributing to the conservation of the environment is witnessed in our organic farming program near the Jamuria plant. Fresh vegetables produced in this farm goes directly to the employee’s canteen.

Creating sustained value has always remained as the primary force that inspires Shyam from within. The CSR program is also an integrated endeavour aimed towards creating values for the community, society and the humanity.